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I'm Joe Quincy

and I work in the White House

Joe Quincy
25 June
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Hi I'm Joe Quincy. I work in the White House as an Associate White House Counsel. The thing that's odd about that, I'm a Republican. I started this journal because I needed an outlet for my thoughts. I'm still in the Republican doghouse, and the Democrats in here don't really trust me since on my first day I got the Vice President to resign, and when I told the White House basically to go to hell when they wanted me to get the Chief Justice to resign. Fun huh.

(Just to cover my own behind this isn't really Joe Quincy, he is a made up character in a TV show. This journal is part of a role playing community. However I am a Republican, I am going to be a lawyer and I hope to work in the White House one day. Am I perfect for this or what.)